Stoke Council reduces the buildings to be sold from 30 to 8

Is this now the complete list of Public Assets to be disposed of?

What happened to disposing of 30 old and inefficient buildings?

Where are the Capital Receipts now to come from? King Sturge estimated around £6m capital receipts from all 30 assets.

Where are the efficiency measure to come from if your still left with an ageing estate of 30 buildings scattered around the City?

What of the plans for 3 hubs and locality working? Continue reading


Local Councillors views on the planned New Civic Centre

I have wrote the below e-mail to all local Councillors and will publish their replies as and when

Have you had chance to read the Consultants reports produced for the City Council? Despite petitions of over 3000 local Councillors have been very quiet in giving their public support to the Cabinets decision to ignore the reports findings (see below).

The people of the City deserve answers, please reply giving reasons for your support based on the consultants reports and not what your press department have told you to say.

Your reply or Failure to reply will be reported on facebook and published as the “March to Stoke” protest progress across the City Continue reading

Planning Strategy New Civic Centre

The unveiling of the slightly controversial new Civic Centre at a recent consultation, brought wide spread condemnation and many letters have since been written to the local paper and comments made online, but what can we really do? Continue reading