Work in Albion Square to begin Late Spring – UPDATE

Phase 2 of the City Centre Public Realm scheme aims to connect the gateway plaza of the Bus Station to areas of the City Centre to the north and create a major new public space at Albion Square which can accommodate City Centre events and attractions.

A section of Phase 2 along Stafford Street was included as an addendum to the Phase 1 contract to meet timescale requirements for
revised bus routes and avoid abortive spend associated with the delivery of  temporary works.

But the works to complete Phase 2 works on Albion Square and down Albion Street around the Town Hall will now not begin until late spring, after the Bus Station is due to open.

What does this mean will the opening of Bus Station be delayed or will Buses be re-routed around Albion Square?

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Hanley Public Realm

Some Photos of the New Public Realm in Hanley, doesn’t seem to link up to and complete Albion Square at this stage despite the length of time it appears far from complete, or is this it until City Sentral is finished?

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