A Plea from Facebook, use those 2 votes

PLEASE don’t fall into the trap by voting for your Labour candidates in the Local Election – even if you choose to vote for them in the General Election.

Historically, many of the electorate in our city have voted for Labour MPs and automatically voted for Labour local councillors without thinking of the consequences.

But as a City Independent, I say enough is enough of a Labour administration that has made a string of disastrous decisions and caused deep resentment throughout our city over the past four years.

The City Independents are committed to working in partnership with the people of Stoke-on-Trent to create a prosperous, caring and democratic city.

It’s time to end Labour’s control on a local level because the people of our city and the next generation deserve so much better.

Our city is currently run by a leader who draws a full time salary but works part time. Part Time Pervez is an insult to our great city. The City Independents would ensure both our Leader and Deputy Leader are full-time posts.

Labour are borrowing millions of pounds that we, our kids and their kids will have to pay back. All to fund an unnecessary, unwanted Central Business District that is now encountering very serious and well-documented problems with its construction.

The City Independents would retain Stoke Civic Centre and initiate an immediate reality check to establish financial stability.

Labour continue to employ immorally overpaid consultants who have repeatedly failed to deliver. One of these is reported to be on £1,000 per day! I don’t think that anyone is worth that sort of salary in any sort of government, national or local.

The City Independents would dispense with such people and promote and nurture home grown talent.

Other Labour disasters include Hanley’s inadequate new bus station that blocks the roads of the town and causes delays to journeys as they have to wait to enter it’s restricted space.

They have also wasting our money on a HS2 bid that was destined to fail after entering the race very late in the day and the pointless “marketing” Chelsea Flower Shows that have achieved nothing other than to waste obscene amounts of our money in a time of austerity. How many families could have been fed with the money spent on champagne breakfasts that the chief executive of our council, the cabinet members and their cronies enjoyed?

Labour have also wasted money at an unfeasible Methane Gas scheme that was never going to happen and continue to lose money in support of a now scaled down, and possibly doomed Realis City Sentral project.

Just about everything Labour have touched at local level has turned to dust!

It begs the question that if they had done nothing, would we be better off?

REMEMBER – you have TWO VOTES on May 7th – One in the General Election to vote for a M.P. and one to vote for a local councillor.

Please consider each option carefully and vote for someone you feel will serve you locally well, not just vote along with what ever the party forces them to do.


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